Property Condition Assessment

Property Condition Assessment

If you question whether your current facility can be updated, or needs to be replaced, we at Rosacker & Associates can help you make the right determination. We will provide you with an objective assessment of your current facility infrastructure, its condition, compliance with codes, how efficient it is, overall life expectancy, repair and upgrade costs. This will provide you with a list of recommendation actions – Repair, Replacement, set of priorities, remaining building useful life and estimates for replacement cost both current and future.

Facilities Survey and Evaluation including code compliance, building envelope integrity, structural integrity and mechanical and Electrical system analysis.

General code compliance

We conduct an inspection to determine if your current building meets all the municipal and state codes.

Building envelope integrity

We inspect the integrity of the physical barriers between conditioned and unconditioned spaces in your build; water leaks, air leaks, vapor barriers, cold, heat, light and noise transfer. This inspection concerns the three main barriers – weather, air and thermal.

Building structural integrity

Structural integrity inspections will help reveal current issues that need to be addressed and overall building life-expectancy.

Mechanical & Electrical systems analysis

Day in and day out the most used items in any building that can wear out ar mechanical and electrical systems. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your mechanical and electrical systems and provide a detailed action report.

Project Economics

We look at all factors that can help bring economies to your project.  Sometimes it is not about saving money today, but overall during the lifetime of the building.

Facility Integrity

We check the integrity of the building to perform its required function effectively and efficiently while protecting health, safety and the environment.

Site Evaluations

Current sites can be evaluated for expansion of if you are considering a new location we look beyond the geography, top provide an analysis of the area’s demographics, logistics, and economic factors to help you make the best decision possible.

Various Cost Studies

We will provide a cost-benefit analysis that will help determine the viability of any planned action on your part.

Contingency Planning

The big “What If?” Planning for contingencies can provide a broad array of possible scenarios to consider for your current building or project.