Project Management

Total Project ManagementWooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right place

Rosacker & Associates has more than 30 years’ experience in managing project from start to end.

We take pride in our extensive database with years of historical data that yield cost control management solutions for your local, regional or national projects.

Bid Management & Evaluation

We manage to keep the bid on track and within the financial parameters all designed to provide our clients with a timely evaluation to make a decision on their project.

Budget & Cost Control

Controlling building project costs helps our clients maintain their budgets. We constantly look for ways to cut costs that will not impact the successful outcome of the project.

Quality Control

We employ a system of standards that helps us maintain the highest quality for our clients’ projects.

Scheduling Construction Inspection

As part of our services we can provide scheduled inspections throughout your project so you can see first-hand the progress.

Coordination & Supervision

We can coordinate with the present general contractor and/or provide all project supervision.

Change Order Management

Controlling costs is one of the biggest factors in any project.  Change orders are the biggest area where costa can get out of control. We manage change orders to minimize additional cost and project delays.

Project Closeout & Warranty Documentation

When the project is done, our clients can receive complete documentation on all warranties, making it simple to know who to contact to conduct any warranty repair work.